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Los Corona Surenos

www.royal-rp.co.cc LSC is dead , check out new server !

    Royal Life Roleplay server

    Tom Johnson
    Tom Johnson

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    Royal Life Roleplay server Empty Royal Life Roleplay server

    Post  Tom Johnson Tue May 12, 2009 9:20 am

    Yo, as some of you know I started learning how to script since gl-rp went down, but I wasn't going to make a server, now when there's no any good server to play, I decided to make my own. I am currently working and developing the script but it's going to be up soon. It's going to be light pvp roleplay server, just like the gl-rp 2.0. Server looks very similar to the gl-rp, really but there's still some stuff that has to be codded in.
    More members needed, and I thought about you guys, if you wanna come and check it out, it'd be great ! Need more admins/helpers/leader and stuff. There'll be as many factions as possible, but you'll have to apply for a leadership. Really everything is gl-rp alike. Almost everything same.'
    I already deposited the money on my serverFFS.com account, but I decided not to pay for the server yet since the script is not done yet. But you can be sure that the server can be opened anytime you want, but we need more members Smile

    Server Info :

    Royal Life Roleplay IP : ( it's down now, but as I said it can be opened anytime I want Smile )

    Forums : www.royal-rp.co.cc

    Smile Hope to see you guys around there... Missing old times Sad

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