Los Corona Surenos

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Los Corona Surenos

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    Inside Corona...

    Tom Johnson
    Tom Johnson

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    Inside Corona... Empty Inside Corona...

    Post  Tom Johnson Fri Feb 06, 2009 3:38 pm


    -Paco_Perez (Tom_Johnson)
    -Michael_Abruzzi *Trial
    -Francis Mendoza
    -Joey Hamilton

    Headquaters, Jetty Lounge
    Inside Corona... Galler10

    Gang Cars

    -1x Sultan
    -1x NRG-500
    -1x Savanna
    -1x Majestic
    -1x Remington

    Gang Ranks

    Rank 6 - el'Jefe (Leader)

    Rank 5 - Dueno (Underboss)

    Rank 4 - Capitan (Capo)

    Rank 3 - Soldado (Soldier)

    Rank 2 - Socio (Associate)

    Rank 1 - Pendejos (Outsider)


    1. No cheating/hacking
    2. Must respect all gang members.
    3. Must listen and follow higher ranks in the gang.
    4. Must be at least 14 years old or older.
    5. Must be loyal to the gang
    6. Cannot be in any other organizations
    7. If goin to take a break of SAMP should tell it to the leader.
    8. Must be active
    9. Cannot kill other gang members
    10. Must respect all other Gangs and their members.
    11. Must respect all server's rules and server's Admins.

    -If you're cool with these rules,feel free to post an app.

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