Los Corona Surenos

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Los Corona Surenos

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    Important Knowledge...

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    Important Knowledge... Empty Important Knowledge...

    Post  Tom Johnson Fri Feb 06, 2009 3:37 pm

    Background Information

    Surenos,Spanish word of Southerner.It's a Mexican-American gang from Southern California,which started their acitivity in the 1960s.Surenos come from Mexican Mafia which emigrated from Mexico to America,California.Nortenos,Spanish word of Northerner were Surenos's the most powerful enemies.They were a gang from Northern California.Two different sides of a county were fighting each other for almost 50 years,and the wars havent stoped yet.You can still see the victims of those wars.Surenos gang members often identify themselves with the number "13" to represent the thirteen letter of the alphabet,the letter "M".This is used to pay homage to the Mexican Mafia.Also Surenos symbols are:Sur,XIII,X3,13 and 3-dots in their graffiti and tattoos.Some have described the Mexican Mafia as being the father of Surenos,but don't forget these are two seperated groups.Surenos divided into small groups at different turfs.Los Corona Surenos is one example of that.

    Gang Story

    Los Corona Surenos,is a Sureno gang which started their activity in the late of 1985s in the southern California.As the Nortenos grew up in the northern part of county,Surenos were in need of a good strong groups,they divided their huge army for a couple of smaller armies.One of those armies was Los Corona Surenos.They got their own turf and people.One group couldnt control all the turf so that was the best idea to have better protection against strong Nortenos attackers.
    Corona has taken the west side turf of the city of Los Santos.As Nortenos grew up they started attackin Surenos's turfs.East side of Los Santos has been completly taken.Attacks for Corona's tufs always failed.Corona has been the most powerful Surenos's group.They were controlling their turf,also they were attacking Nortenos,there were only one Sureno gang which were attackin Nortenos,that was Los Corona Surenos.Soon other Surenos's groups died,so people which were in them,moved to another groups,that wasnt a choise.They were moving to help other groups protect their turf.Corona werent in need for new members,they were strong team.When Nortenos merged with Naustra Familia again they were one really strong gang.They attacked Surenos then,all smaller groups died,almost all Surenos's turf died,but Corona was still hanging on.Norteno thought they won it,they thought they owned Surenos,so they finished attacking them and relaxed and their own turfs.Corona took the responsibility for a whole gang.Surenos were now Los Corona Surenos.They were the last Sureno group in Los Santos.They started re-grouping,new fresh blood got into a gang.At this time Naustra leaved Nortenos,because they thought they're now safe,no Surenos,no attacks.Corona collected really good team,with experienced people to fight.Surenos were training while Nortenos were relaxing and making money.Then came a time when Surenos were ready to fight,they had to destroy Nortenos to be safe at their own turf.They planned all their actions,and the time of a biggest war in the Surenos-Nortenos wars came.Surenos attacked the main Nortenos's turf,they got it,that war was like a second world war but much less people.Burned houses,killed people,arrested leaders.That were the efforts of that war.But Surenos didnt fail,they won it,they got their turf and destroyed completly Nortenos. Carlos Lopez was the Corona's first leader,he planned that attack on Nortenos,he got the freedom for Surenos.He got killed in a war,but he died as a hero.Surenos re-built again,the main Surenos are now Los Corona with a new leader and new members.Nortenos still cannot get up after that war,but they started rebuilding,it's sure the war is coming,when that war will come ? noone knows,maybe next week,maybe next month,next year?Sure is Surenos are now stronger gang than 20 years later,and Nortenos are not that powerfull gang as a norteno gang from 1985s.Both of those gangs are now in time of rebuilding,we'll see what will happen.[/center]

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